How does the Hip Kit Club work?

When you sign up for the Hip Kit Club, you will receive the Main kit each month at the discounted price. The initial order includes your first kit. 

  • Hip Kit Club Members can purchase add-on kits for 15% discount and get free shipping for add-on kits when shipped with your monthly order.
  • Hip Kit Club Members also get access to exclusive downloadable content!
  • When you sign up you will receive an email that provides all of the details of the Hip Kit Club!
  • You can subscribe to either the Main Kit or Project Life Kit - just choose when adding the Hip Kit Club to your Cart!


When will I receive my kit each month?

Typically we ship our Hip Kits between the 15th and 20th of each month. However since we try to include the most current products in our Hip Kits, occasionally we experience minor delays in receiving products from our manufacturers. When these circumstances arise, our kits will ship as soon as the products arrive. 


How do I sign up? 

It's simple to sign up - just follow this link and add Hip Kit Club to your cart and checkout - that's all there is to it!  

Note: If you are outside the US - visit this link to learn about International shipping options


What are the benefits of joining the Hip Kit Club Scrapbook Kit Club?

Our Hip Kits include an eclectic mix of exclusive patterned papers & embellishments.

Subscriber benefits:

  • Hip Kit Club members will receive the latest monthly main scrapbook kit. Non-subscribers pay full price if there are kits available.
  • Hip Kit Club members receive a 15% discount on all add-on scrapbook kit purchases!

  • Hip Kit Club Members receive access to member-exclusive content such as printables and cut-files!

  • All add-on scrapbook kits ship free along with your main scrapbook kit!

What kit will I start with?

We will start you with the most recently published kit by default. No problem if you would like to start with a particular kit - just let us know which month's kit you would like to start with and we will do our best to accomodate you!  


How do I order Add-on kits?

As a member you can order add-on kits at any time. We will provide you with a coupon code that gives you a 15% discount on your add-on kits. If you order your add-on kits prior to your Main kit shipping, we will ship it free along with your Main kit!  When you place your order for add-on kits, your receipt will show a shipping charge - don't worry as we will remove the shipping charge when we process the order. If you would like us to place your order for you, just drop us an email and we will take care of it for you!


Can I automatically receive add-on kits each month?

Absolutely! If there's an add-on kit that would like to reserve each month just drop us an email and we will make sure to process that for you each month. It's a great way to save time & it also guarantees you will always get your add-ons each month!


How can I guarantee myself an Add-on kit each month?

You can email us letting us know that you would like to reserve a specific scrapbook add-on kit (Embellishment, Stamp, Color, Cardstock, Paper or Project Life add-on kit). Our add-on kits are always available in limited quantities on a first come first serve basis. By registering to receive a specific add-on kit along with your main kit each month, you will be guaranteed to receive each item your main kit shipment every month. 


What's in each kit?

Our monthly Hip Kits include a variety of the latest scrapbook products available from the best manufacturers. These products are picked personally by Kimberly and carefully coordinated. For complete contents of each kit, see the corresponding product page on the website.

  • The Main kit typically includes a variety of patterned papers and a great selection of coordinated embellishments
  • The Project Life kit typically includes a set of HKC exclusive Project Life Cards and coordinated embellishments
  • The Embellishment kit typically includes a set of coordinated embellishments
  • The Color kit typically includes coordinated mixed media products
  • The Paper kit typically includes an additional sheet of each paper found in the Main kit
  • The Cardstock kit typically includes several sheets of coordinated cardstock

Each add-on kit contains products not found in the Main kit but will be coordinated with the Main kit. The exception to this are the Paper kits which contain an additional sheet of each paper fournd in the Main kit. 


What's the difference between the Main Kit and Project Life Kit?

  • Our Main Kit includes 12x12 Paper and full size embellishments that are the perfect scale for use on traditional scrapbook pages.  Our Main Kit includes both dimensional & flat embellishments that will give your layouts lots of texture and dimension.  The products included in this Kit can also be used to create PL layouts.  However, it doesn’t include PL cards and generally the paper has larger patterns that aren’t always a great fit for PL pages.
  • Our Project Life Kit includes a collection of products that are perfect for creating pocket style scrapbook pages.  The products included in this Kit can easily be incorporated into traditional layouts as well.  Each month we typically include a set of 24 HKC exclusive Project Life Cards as well as a pkg small size alphabet and other non-dimensional embellishments like stickers & die cuts.  We also occasionally include a stamp set that has elements that are well suited for use on your PL pages.  This Kit doesn’t include patterned paper and the embellishments tend to be less dimensional than those in our Main Kit as most PL scrapbookers tend to like their layouts less bulky than traditional scrapbookers.  Also, the scale of the embellishments in this Kit tend to be smaller so that they will be easy to use on pocket pages.



What are the shipping options?

We are US based company so US Shipping is a flat $9.95 USD for packages shipped in the continental US. Add-on kits will ship with no additonal charges when they ship with the main kit!


Do you ship internationally?

Yes we ship Internationally (outside the US)! We are able to offer international orders through our website for most countries! If you are unable to complete checkout for your country or have any questions about shipping/payment options, please contact us at . All prices on the website are USD.


How do I access free cut files and printables?

In order to access our free cut files you need to be a registered member. More details can be found here. Hip Kit Club members have access to additional content that is only available to Hip Kit Club members. Click here to view our cutfile tutorial videos!


How does the membership work?

Your initial commitment is for 3 months.  After 3 months, you will transition to a monthly membership that can be cancelled at anytime with a 30 day notice.


Hip Kit Club Monthly Scrapbook Kit Subscription